Los Angeles’ sweltering heat affects various facets of our daily lives, especially public transportation. The unfortunate truth is that many LA bus stops exist without any kind of shelter, putting my daily transit riders at risk for potential heat-related illnesses. Temperatures over 100 degrees are reported daily during summer months at various bus stops, which often do not have any shelter. Climate Resolve has compiled the 32 hottest, most-used bus stops in Los Angeles. Help us select and vote for the bus stops that you believe are most in need of improvement!

To vote, please select the bus stop first, then click the vote button to the right of the selected bus stop.

UPDATE: As voting for the hottest bus stop bracket nears the end, April 30th, we are expanding our community survey online to reach as many bus riders as possible. If you are a rider of one or multiple bus lines in our exhausted 8, we want to hear about your experience and what amenities you believe should be added. Click this link to fill our the survey or scroll below the voting bracket to fill it out.