California environmental and equity groups release transportation plan for the future

Today, Climate Resolve joined nearly 50 organizations across the state in releasing a comprehensive, forward-thinking transportation platform to guide Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom and his administration in moving California boldly into a brighter future. The plan reflects the shared vision and priorities of dozens of transit, environment, social justice and housing partners, including Climate Resolve, ClimatePlan, PolicyLink, California Bicycle Coalition, California Walks, and the Planning and Conservation League.

“The platform released today and given to Governor-Elect Newsom is an exciting opportunity to build a more equitable and climate-friendly state for all Californians,” said Bryn Lindblad, Deputy Director of Climate Resolve. “A network of partners stand ready to get to work and assist however possible to build momentum to improve accessibility and sustainable transportation options.”

The platform offers a clear vision for Governor-Elect Newsom to provide every Californian access to convenient, dignified, and low-cost public transit and active transportation options that get them where they need to go. Affordable housing and preserving open space are key synergistic strategies. It builds on California’s global leadership in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning to clean energy, and combating climate change, by offering specific steps and actions, which fall into the following categories:

  • Prioritizing transportation that moves California forward — such as public transit, walking, biking and scooting
  • Acting to meet the greatest needs first — by prioritizing funds for historically marginalized communities and through meaningful public participation
  • Championing housing justice for California communities — with anti-displacement strategies and equitable infill development
  • Cleaning up our air — by speeding up the transition to clean technologies
  • Recognizing the true value of California’s landscapes — using data and incentives to direct conservation decisions

“There is an opportunity to make transportation investments differently than California has done in the past, and this platform spells out that opportunity. We need to be investing in ways that close equity gaps, and correct past harms. It is a way to pursue transportation justice and improve accessibility and mobility for all Californians,” said Jared Sanchez, Senior Policy Advocate with California Bicycle Coalition.

The platform – if implemented – represents a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable future for California. Results will alleviate traffic congestion, reduce climate pollution, relieve transportation cost burdens, improve public health, and increase quality of life for all Californians.

“With last week’s news that California regions are not on track to meet climate goals, it’s time to get serious about reducing emissions from driving, “ said Ella Wise, State Policy Associate for ClimatePlan. “We look forward to the state’s leadership on this.”

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