Climate Planning & Technical Assistance

The Challenge

Many Angelenos — like many Americans — are unaware of the climate impacts we face locally, and they see climate change as a global challenge that is beyond our reach. We know that local action to fight climate change is making our communities better, but we need to engage Angelenos in the process.


Connecting, convening, and communicating — that’s how we engage Angelenos on working together on programs and projects to improve lives and communities.


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Empowering, Beautifying and Transforming Our Community

In partnership with Promesa Boyle Heights and Hyphae Design Laboratory, Climate Resolve is driving forward an industrial buffer zone project, a vital initiative aimed at safeguarding residents in the heavily polluted southern end of Boyle Heights.

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Ounce of Prevention: Advancing Equitable Climate Resilience Planning in California

The Ounce of Prevention reviews the key aspects of SB 379. In particular, the stipulated compliance mechanisms of the law and how municipalities responded. The Ounce of Prevention report recommends policy remedies that will help with adaptation planning in California.


Baldwin Hills Community Resilience and Access Plan

In partnership with the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z), Sumire Gant Consulting, and Adam Wheeler Design, Climate Resolve developed a Community Resilience and Access Plan for the Baldwin Hills Parklands over the past 18 months.

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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

California has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% by 2050, and Climate Resolve is committed to finding more ways...


Landscape Analysis Report for the Inland Southern California Region

Climate Resolve and the Inland Southern California Climate Collaborative (ISC3) co-authored the report, Landscape Analysis Report for the Inland Southern California Region.

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Ready for Tomorrow

“Ready for Tomorrow” is our program to connect disadvantaged communities (DACs) and disadvantaged vulnerable communities (DVCs) in Southern California to climate planning research, funding, and resources.


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California Adaptation Planning Guide

The APG is primarily meant to support local governments in their efforts to work with the community to prepare for climate change impacts such as extreme heat, drought, flooding, and wildfires.


The links below will direct you outside of the Climate Resolve website.


BOOST Program

The BOOST Program provides customized and tailored support to help communities build, organize, optimize, strengthen, and transform.


Commerce Moving Forward

Commerce Moving Forward takes a holistic equity approach to implementing active and clean transportation strategies.


Los Angeles County Climate Vulnerability Assessment

The countywide Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) examines the County’s social and physical vulnerability to climate hazards such as extreme heat, wildfire, and flooding — which are projected to become more severe in the coming decades.



Partners Advancing Climate Equity (PACE) is a capacity-building program for frontline community leaders from across California to connect and learn with peers, take their skills to the next level, and inspire transformative change.