Climate Resolve & Resilient Cities Catalyst partner to protect California

It’s no secret that Southern California is experiencing unprecedented heat waves and wildfires. These challenges must be addressed with cross-sectoral holistic solutions that prioritize marginalized communities.

Philosophically aligned, Climate Resolve has a great partner in Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC) to help build resilience across the region.

For the past two years, with help from RCC, Climate Resolve investigated the stunning impacts of the Woolsey Fire. Our report, Lessons from the Woolsey Fire, is now available for downloading.

One key takeaway from the Woolsey investigation was how workers were horribly neglected during the fire. Day-laborers were recruited to fight fires but had no protective equipment. Farm-hands were abandoned and led stock animals to safety at the water’s edge. People who work as caretakers, landscape specialists and housekeepers—were left vulnerable and unsupported. 

The next phase of work, Climate Resolve is investigating how to best protect outdoor and indoor workers affected by climate change-driven extreme heat and wildfire smoke. For more information, please contact Gabriel Varela at

Resilient Cities Catalyst also invited Climate Resolve to join the California Resilience Partnership, a new effort to coordinate resilience efforts in the state.


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