Nature-Based Solutions

The Challenge

Climate change is contributing to the historic California drought, increasing the number and severity of wildfires, and threatening our public health with poor air quality.


We can protect our water supply, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gases with conservation efforts that include protecting our precious mountains and rivers.


Buffer Zone Project Logo

Empowering, Beautifying, and Transforming Our Community

In partnership with Promesa Boyle Heights and Hyphae Design Laboratory, Climate Resolve is driving forward an industrial buffer zone project, a vital initiative aimed at safeguarding residents in the heavily polluted southern end of Boyle Heights.


Climate-Smart Schools

Climate Resolve is working on the Climate-Smart Schools (CSS) initiative to help Southern California schools with energy efficiency and water conservation efforts.


Baldwin Hills Community Resilience and Access Plan

In partnership with the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z), Sumire Gant Consulting, and Adam Wheeler Design, Climate Resolve developed a Community Resilience and Access Plan for the Baldwin Hills Parklands over the past 18 months.



Climate Resolve is a Member of the Nature for All Coalition

Nature for all works to build a diverse base of support for ensuring that everyone in the los angeles area—no matter where they live—has equitable access to the wide range of benefits that nature can provide.