Empoderando, Embelleciendo y Transformando Nuestra Comunidad

Empowering, Beautifying, and Transforming Our Community

In partnership with Promesa Boyle Heights and Hyphae Design Laboratory, Climate Resolve is driving forward an industrial buffer zone project, a vital initiative aimed at safeguarding residents in the heavily polluted southern end of Boyle Heights. Our project, stemming from the insights gained during the Boyle Heights Community Plan update engagement, will reflect the community’s desire for additional policies and programs that promote resilience, including increasing cooling measures like cool roofs, cool pavement, hydration stations, bus shelters, resilience hubs, shade structures, tree canopy, and green spaces as a way of reducing extreme heat risks and providing other essential benefits and services to the residents of Boyle Heights. 

The team has conducted outreach activities to gain community insight and input in the priority areas within the project area, while also providing residents with engaging educational opportunities to learn about the impacts of climate change on their community. These efforts have been driven by a strong partnership with Promesa Boyle Heights, including the invaluable contributions of their Healthy Environments Program promotoras.

Looking ahead, Climate Resolve is committed to advancing the implementation of green and grey infrastructure in Boyle Heights, focusing on the areas that need it the most. With the support of Hyphae Design Laboratory, we are translating community input into tangible improvements that will ensure lasting change. We aim to create a buffer zone project that extends across public and private parcels within Boyle Heights, fostering conditions conducive to active transportation and public transit use. Together, we’re shaping a future where Boyle Heights stands as a model of resilience and well-being rooted in community, collaborative planning, and shared aspirations.

Project Partners

Participatory science is the direct engagement of the general public in advancing scientific knowledge. Climate Resolve facilitates this engagement by hosting Participatory Science Walks. During these walks, community members learn to use scientific tools to measure air pollution, noise pollution, thermal heat, and temperatures in their surroundings. Additionally, participants collect qualitative and quantitative data that help them understand the conditions of their built environment. Click here to learn more about participatory science. 

Climate Resolve and Promesa Boyle Heights (Promesa) are using the Promotora model for equitable outreach and engagement in the Boyle Heights Buffer Zone project. What is a Promotora? Promotoras are community members who are experts of the communities in which they reside and who share the desire to improve their neighborhoods by disseminating information and resources through door-to-door canvassing and community events. Click here to learn about the promotoras.