How Climate Resolve Stays Cool: Catherine Baltazar

Staying cool is a hot topic because extreme heat affects everyone. Which is why Climate Resolve engages with low-income communities who are feeling the impact today.

It’s important – extreme heat makes health disparities worse. If your home lacks air-conditioning (as do half of LA’s residences,) or if you have an existing health condition, or if you work outdoors, then extreme heat is a problem now. Millions of people are at-risk in Los Angeles County.

But even if you live in a cool neighborhood today, global warming has your number. It’s a matter of time.

Thanks to Climate Resolve’s efforts, Los Angeles is implementing cool solutions today, such as mandating passive cooling technologies, such as cool roofs, which are now part of the city’s building code for all new and refurbished installations. We can keep temperatures down on extreme heat days with cool surfaces and green space while also increasing our use of clean energy.     

Fighting extreme heat is what we do at Climate Resolve. We’re pulling back the curtain and introducing you to team members who are combating extreme heat. We want to show you the projects they’re working on and the ways they stay cool. This is How Climate Resolve Stays Cool. 

Get to know our Policy Analyst and Organizer, Catherine Baltazar. Born and raised in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, she strongly believes that climate adaptation and mitigation strategies go hand in hand with community knowledge and hopes to continue working on the ground with communities to advocate for innovative local climate solutions. 

To learn about the different projects we are leading in the fight against extreme heat, visit our website. Want to support our work? Make a tax-deductible donation today to help us continue our fight against extreme heat and to support vulnerable communities.