How Climate Resolve Stays Cool: Mayra Catalán-Orozco

Welcome to our How Climate Resolve Stays Cool series! We want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to some of the team behind Climate Resolve — the people who are dedicated to combating extreme heat, the projects they’re working on, and the ways they stay cool.


Why did you decide to work in climate change?

I’ve always had an interest in climate and environment, but when I moved to the Bay Area five years ago, I went on my first camping trip and started to get more involved in climate work. I started volunteering at environmental organizations and it really motivated me to want to work in the environmental field.

Can you tell us about your experience producing Coolest in LA for the first time? 

Working on Coolest in LA was definitely a great way to be welcomed into the organization and dive into what Climate Resolve is all about. As the name says, it is actually one of the coolest events that local environmental organizations host.

I just loved when I called to invite one of our sponsors to the event, and they were just so excited that they said, “this is like prom for environmentalists.” It’s awesome that folks within our field have an opportunity to connect with other folks that are doing similar work.

Coolest in LA annually honors climate champions who are doing extraordinary work in combating heat. Why is it important that we, in particular, address the issue of extreme heat?

When it comes to fighting climate change, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Being that we are locally focused on Los Angeles, an area that can get very hot, extreme heat is a really important issue. This isn’t just as a climate issue, but also a public health concern. When we’re talking about protecting the people of Los Angeles, we need to implement solutions in which we can see immediate results, such as cooling our communities, which is what Climate Resolve is working on.

What do you do to stay cool on extreme heat days in Los Angeles?

That is something that I struggle with because I try to be mindful of my energy use between peak hours. In the mornings, I open up all of my windows to try to let some of the cool air in. And then, once it starts getting warmer, I close everything up. And it is summer, so a popsicle stick doesn’t hurt.

List the three things that are most important to you.

Volunteering. Being outdoors. And I enjoy supporting local businesses.

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