Intern Spotlight: Sadie Paczosa

Climate Resolve offers internship opportunities to students interested in climate change, sustainability, public policy, advocacy, and community outreach. We’d like to introduce you to them, their work with us, and how they’ve helped make Los Angeles a stronger and more sustainable city in the face of climate change.

Hello! My name is Sadie Paczosa, and I’m a rising junior at the University of Southern California. I’m majoring in Communication and minoring in Business. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. In my free time, I love creating studio and digital art, cooking, reading, hiking, and traveling. This past summer, I was a communications intern with Climate Resolve.

What drew you to intern with Climate Resolve?

Upon seeing the job posting for this internship, I immediately knew I wanted the job because it combined two of my greatest passions: environmentalism and design. I had never worked with a company like Climate Resolve before, so I was a bit nervous, worried I wouldn’t know enough. I quickly settled in though, and felt right at home working on projects that I genuinely cared about.

Explain your summer internship at Climate Resolve.

On a daily basis, my days in the office mostly consisted of working on design projects in various Adobe platforms. These designs included infographics, job postings, event flyers, brand books, advertisements, social media design templates, safety announcements, and sustainability tips. When I wasn’t working on design projects, I was creating social media content calendars, reaching out to local swag vendors, or helping with miscellaneous tasks. 

I always felt like I was supporting Climate Resolve’s mission, as I was part of the team, using my collective power and design skills to tackle climate change and connect communities. Through social media and digital design, it’s possible to break down complex ideas like climate change into manageable concepts for anybody to understand and take action.

What was one project you enjoyed working on the most? How did you use your skill set?

I really enjoyed working on the internal company brand book, as well as a designing a logo and flyer for Climate Resolve’s upcoming Keep LA Cool Day. Both of these projects really challenged my design skills. I had never created a longer book from scratch, and with the event poster, I had the chance to design a city and play around with programs I had never worked with. It was challenging to create and learn all of this on my own, but I felt incredibly accomplished after finishing drafts I was proud of.

What did you gain from this internship that you’ll take with you? Be specific.

From this internship, I’ve gained new design skill sets that I’ll carry with me. I always considered digital design to be more of a hobby than something I was equipped to pursue as a career, but now I have far more confidence in my design abilities. I also have more knowledge about the inner workings and goals of a nonprofit like Climate Resolve, and I would love to continue work like this in the future.

Any advice for others hoping to find an internship like yours in design, communications, and sustainability?

For anyone hoping to find an internship like this, I highly encourage you to apply, even if you don’t know if you’re cut out for the job. David, Climate Resolve’s communications manager, had told me that I was one of the few applicants who wasn’t majoring in something related to environmentalism or public policy, which is why I initially thought I wouldn’t get the job. With my major in Communication, I was able to bring something new to the table, and together, we sort of shaped the internship into one that best fit my skill set and what I wanted to do. David saw my love for design and gave me projects that he knew I would enjoy and be challenged by.

Thanks for your hard work, Sadie!


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