Keeping Cool

The Challenge

All areas of our region are projected to get warmer as a result of climate change. In addition to the human health consequences of extreme heat, residents will soon find they are paying more just to keep themselves cool and comfortable.


Despite a certain rise in temperatures, we can take actions to fight climate change while also making life better for Angelenos. We can keep temperatures down on extreme heat days with cool surfaces and green spaces, as well as efforts to increase clean energy and energy efficiency. These actions to curb the heat island effect will make us more resilient and comfortable.


Shine On Initiative

Climate Resolve launched our Shine On initiative to bring together a coalition of partners under the Sol Collaborative to drive the adoption of cool surfaces (cool roofs, walls, and pavement) as an essential strategy in combating global climate change.

Cool Surfaces in Pacoima

Climate Resolve, Global Cool Cities Alliance and GAF have partnered with Pacoima Beautiful, Urban Semillas, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, StreetsLA, LA Department of Recreation & Parks, and the Los Angeles Unified School District to launch the GAF Cool Community Project-Pacoima.


Cool Roofs

We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles and Grid Alternatives on this program to bring high-tech clean energy solutions to communities traditionally left out of the green energy economy.

Climate Resolve cool surface pavement installation

Cool Streets

In working to help improve the climate resilience of Los Angeles with easy, common-sense policies to better our city, we launched a “Cool Roofs” campaign in 2012.

Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative

Climate Resolve is a partner in the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary, national partnership of universities.

Reflecting Sunlight: Albedo as a Means to Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

To raise greater awareness of the radiative forcing benefits of cool surfaces, and the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) quantification thereof, Climate Resolve hosted a virtual panel discussion with renowned experts.

Urban Greening

Climate Resolve is committed to urban greening, which is a key part of reducing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and cooling the city.

Climate Resolve Legislation

Winning Climate Legislation

Climate Resolve works to help improve the climate resilience of Los Angeles with easy, common-sense policies to better our city.


Urban Cooling Wyandotte Design

Complete Streets in Canoga Park

Climate Resolve has worked with the community of Canoga Park on implementing new street designs they would like to see around the Metro Orange Line Station at Sherman Way.


Workers Confront Extreme Heat and Wildfire Smoke in California

Climate Resolve is pleased to publish Exhausted! Workers Confront Extreme Heat and Wildfire Smoke in California, an in-depth report on how climate change is impacting workers in the Golden State.

Cool Pavements and the Urban Heat Island Effect

The term cool pavements currently refers to paving materials that reflect more solar energy, enhance water evaporation, or have been otherwise modified to remain cooler than conventional pavements.