Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative

Climate Resolve is a partner in the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative (LAUCC), a multi-disciplinary partnership of universities, climate researchers, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and government agencies.

LAUCC is focused on understanding, designing, and implementing data-driven, dynamic, inclusive strategies for cooling urban areas in the Los Angeles region using trees, vegetation, and reflective surfaces.

LAUCC aims to better understand microclimate science and the impacts of heat on urban dwellers’ health and lives. We work at the intersection of research and action — at both the policy and community levels.

The Collaborative is also poised to listen to communities to hear how extreme heat affects families and what support is needed to respond to the threats of extreme heat.

Rx For Hot Cities

How do trees and reflective surfaces help? Urban cooling strategies – such as trees ad surfaces with high solar reflectance, including roofs, pavements, and walls – can noticeably reduce urban air temperatures.
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