Climate Resolve

Mission & Equity Approach


Our purpose is a just and resilient future.

Climate Resolve builds collaborations to champion equitable climate solutions. We connect communities, organizations and policymakers to address a global problem with local action. We inclusively develop practical initiatives that reduce climate pollution and prepare for climate impacts. Using our collective power to tackle climate change, we are creating a thriving California and inspiring others to act. Our purpose is a just and resilient future.

Equity Approach

Since its launch in 2010, Climate Resolve has prioritized working with communities that are most affected by climate change impacts. The residents of these communities are predominantly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Our work includes advocating in partnership with grassroots groups, assisting communities to obtain funding for climate solutions, and ensuring equitable implementation of climate legislation. As a collective, Climate Resolve staff have identified and made the following commitments to elevate racial, social, and environmental equity throughout all of our work.

Climate Resolve is committed to:


  • being actively anti-racist to break down systems of oppression and rejecting forms of discrimination and bigotry towards BIPOC communities, both in process and outcomes; 
  • acknowledging the histories of the communities we work with, such as ancestral land, immigration, redlining, and environmental racism;  
  • focusing on projects that reduce disparities in public health, such as providing access to shade and cool environments for residents impacted by extreme heat;  
  • ensuring transit and green infrastructure investments are benefiting low-income and historically marginalized populations and addressing the housing crisis by advocating for inclusionary and anti-displacement policies;
  • partnering with community-based organizations to build trust, share opportunities, and distribute resources;  
  • conducting outreach and communications in accessible languages and approachable formats;   
  • supporting BIPOC voices in decision-making processes, especially around safety, resilience, and neighborhood designs;   
  • prioritizing contracts with BIPOC-led businesses for supplies and event production;  
  • educating grantors and clients to commit to equity principles; 
  • influencing researchers to have BIPOC perspectives inform their foci and make their research actionable for community advocacy;
  • maintaining a majority of BIPOC leaders on our Board of Directors;
  • hiring staff who are reflective of the communities we work with, have a range of lived experiences, and are committed to promoting equity; and  
  • conducting racial equity training and providing educational resources to staff. 


We understand that this is not an exhaustive list of equity commitments, and pledge to continue to learn from our staff and community partners to move towards climate justice.

Resources that influenced Climate Resolve's approach:

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