Press Release: LADWP Rate Increase is Reasonable and Necessary

LFormer Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Commissioner, and current executive director of Climate Resolve, Jonathan Parfrey, released the following statement in response to the five-year rate increase announced by LADWP.

“LADWP has crafted a responsible plan to fix aging infrastructure and meet federal and state obligations.

“We can’t fix our aging infrastructure without paying for it—and it’s irresponsible to think we can continue on business-as-usual while California faces a historic drought.

“Supporting the rate increase is the adult thing to do.

“We applaud Mayor Eric Garcetti for his leadership. The Mayor said, ‘I will support a rate increase that does three things: makes the investments we need to our infrastructure, encourages water conservation and keeps the DWP more affordable than our neighboring utilities. The proposed rate increase does all three.’

“With the investments in water and energy, Angelenos will be part of the solution. To prepare for the future, we need to conserve more water, eliminate coal from our portfolio and create an energy-smart city.

“We should view the new rates as an opportunity as well: those who conserve the most will be the most rewarded with lower rates.”


Climate Resolve is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to creating real, practical solutions to meet the climate challenge while creating a better city for Angelenos today and in the future.

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