Press Release: Major Climate Conference in Los Angeles at USC

The Decarbonizing California: 2020-2050 conference at USC’s Davidson Center on November 17 examined the Golden State’s exciting efforts to meet important climate targets while simultaneously improving quality of life and generating economic growth.

Decarbonizing California: 2020-2050 was co-hosted by Climate Resolve — Los Angeles’ foremost nonprofit dedicated to creating real, practical solutions to meet the climate challenge while creating a better city for Angelenos—along with the USC Marshall School of Business and the Schwarzenegger Institute. The conference was also sponsored by California’s leading environmental organizations, including the American Lung Association, Sierra Club, NRDC, Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, California League of Conservation Voters, LAANE, Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action, CleanTech San Diego, Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, Climate Action Reserve, SCOPE, TreePeople, and Communities for a Better Environment.

More than 30 speakers and panelists, including many of the state’s leading voices on climate change, addressed the success of AB 32, California’s landmark climate law, and discussed ways the state can meet 2050 targets while simultaneously improving lives and growing the economy.

“There are things we can and must do to adapt and prepare for our climate reality,” said Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director of Climate Resolve, during his opening address. “But there are ways of affecting this change that actually improve the quality of our life. We can meet our targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and still have a thriving economy — that is our challenge.” Parfey also shared a short Climate Agenda for Southern California with attendees, which features a list of recommended steps for the region.


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