Press Release: Wildfire Study Kicks Off Partnership Between Climate Resolve And KCET

KCETLink Media Group, a leading national independent, nonprofit, public broadcast and digital network, has collaborated with Los Angeles-based nonprofit Climate Resolve to launch Climate Change LA, an online platform that will debut climate studies from UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, among others. The site will provide context around the studies and educate both consumers and businesses about the impacts of climate change and offer everyday actions and solutions that can be adopted to address climate change in their regions. Climate Resolve will also be updating the hub with original content, including interviews with local leaders working on climate change solutions.

The latest climate study, “Identification of Two Distinct Fire Regimes in Southern California: Implications for Economic Impact and Future Change,” investigates the impact that climate change will likely have on wildfire threats, is now available in full at the ‘Climate Studies’ section of the online hub. Published in the September 2015 scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, the study assesses the effect of climate change on both the wind-driven Santa Ana fires (usually October through April) and non-Santa Ana fires during hot and dry weather (usually June to September). A summary of the wildfire study and a blog post titled “10 Things to Know About California Wildfires” are also live on Climate Change LA.

The study’s release comes weeks after California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency to fight a series of wildfires burning thousands of acres across the state that is more vulnerable due to the historic drought.

For the wildfire and climate study, researchers built models of wildfire risk based on their observations of the relationship between fire risk and climate variables (temperature, winds, and relative humidity) in the present climate. Then they fed these models with data from five projections of future Southern California climate from 2041 to 2060. The key findings: the area burned by Santa Ana fires is projected to increase by 64%, mainly because four of the five global climate model projections showed more intense Santa Ana wind events; the area burned by non-Santa Ana fires is projected to increase by 77%, mainly because of an increase in temperatures.

Other studies currently available on the hub focus on the noticeable changes in sea level, temperature, snowpack and precipitation.

“KCETLink is proud to unveil Climate Change LA during a time when water issues and our drought crisis is an imperative conversation for Californians,” said KCETLink Media Group Senior Vice President, Content Development and Production, Juan Devis. “We plan to frame this important scientific research from Climate Resolve in a way that the public can readily understand and help them navigate through this unprecedented moment in our state and country.”

“Our work on climate change in Southern California is guided by climate science and we’re excited share insights and solutions on a fact-based platform that is known and trusted,” said Climate Resolve founder and Executive Director Jonathan Parfrey. “We also share a love of Southern California–appreciating what we have and showcasing ways to make it better.”

The portal will also aggregate news content and programming from KCET highlighting climate change, including suggestions to make lifestyle modifications both at work and at home. Another exciting feature of the site is the ‘Future Possibilities’ section that allows visitors to visualize what is possible regarding the future of Los Angeles via a series of images that have been created to imagine a greener city.

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