Ready for Tomorrow

The Plan

Climate Resolve understands the complexities of climate preparedness planning. “Ready for Tomorrow” is our program to connect disadvantaged communities (DACs) and disadvantaged vulnerable communities (DVCs) in Southern California to climate planning research, funding, and resources. The “Ready for Tomorrow” program is generously supported by philanthropic grant funding from Edison International.

Grant Writing Assistance Program

Launched in 2020, Climate Resolve’s Ready for Tomorrow Grant Writing Assistance Program has assisted jurisdictions across the Southern California region in winning approximately $24 million in climate-related grant funding.  

“Climate Resolve’s Ready for Tomorrow program aligns with Edison’s strategic positioning and goals to help vulnerable communities build capacity and access resources to address the climate crisis. The cost to invest in climate adaptation now is far less than the cost of inaction both for the economy and for public health and safety.”

Larry Chung
Vice President, Local Public Affairs
Southern California Edison

Report: “Ready for Tomorrow? A Snapshot of Climate Preparedness Planning in Southern California”

Our January 2020 report “Ready for Tomorrow? A Snapshot of Climate Preparedness Planning in Southern California” describes the current status of climate preparedness planning in Southern California Edison’s service territory and offers best practices of identified plans. The report also provides highlights from interviews with relevant stakeholders who have been involved in climate preparedness planning. Additionally, the report gives recommendations for state agencies, industry, and/or philanthropy to address gaps identified in the research.

Matrix: Status of Municipal Climate Preparedness Planning

Check out our comprehensive assessment of climate preparedness planning by more than 200 municipalities throughout SCE’s service territory. Compiled into a searchable Matrix.

L.A. CAP Map

In 2021, The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) prepared its L.A. CAP Map using Climate Resolve’s Matrix as the primary data source. The L.A. CAP Map shows the progress made by Southern California cities in creating Climate Action Plans (CAP), Local Hazard Mitigation Plans, and integrating adaptation into their plans per SB 379.

Climate Planning Resources

Check out Climate Resolve’s recommended guidance for municipalities in their development of climate preparedness planning documents.


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