Anastasia Alexandria Yulo

Outreach and Communications Fellow

Andrea Montecinos-Padilla

Community Engagement and Communications Fellow

Andres Rodriguez

Coordinator, Resilience, and Outreach

Bridget Hauflaire

Operations and Admin Coordinator

Emilia Garcia Arteaga Molinar

Director, Finance & Operations

Gretchen Hardison

Consultant, Board Liaison

Kurt Shickman

Consultant, Shine On White Paper Editor

Lia Cohen

Coordinator, Climate Planning and Resilience

Louis Blumberg

Consultant, Legislation and Policy

Roel Hammerschlag

Consultant, Climate & Energy Policy Analyst

Ryan Robinson

Administrative & Operations Manager

 Sai Amulya Nyathikala

Energy and Water Programs Specialist

Selena D. Melgoza

Climate Solutions Analyst

Thelma Briseño

Senior Director, Energy & Water Programs

William Welch

Consultant, Operations Management