Lizette Romano

Climate Justice Fellow


Lizette is a proud Angeleno and strong believer that the environment should not be something that hurts people’s health. Her hope for her work is to address environmental justice issues and promote climate resiliency in LA County. Lizette is a graduate student in the Environmental Health (MPH) program at UCLA where she is also working towards obtaining a Leaders in Sustainability Certificate and LEED certification. Lizette would like to improve people’s health, make environmental science accessible, and promote sustainable initiatives.

After obtaining her B.S. in Community Health, Lizette worked in a social service non-profit as an advocate for families in south central LA. Lizette worked with families around topics such as developmentally appropriate child education, well-being, screening assessments, and making resource referrals. Lizette also worked in LA County’s Medi-Cal program where she assisted the public in obtaining benefits and understanding policy. Lizette was an enumerator for the 2020 Census and enjoyed getting to meet more people in her community while helping them be counted.

On her free time, Lizette likes to stay active by riding her bike, doing martial arts, and exploring Southern California. Lizette equally enjoys keeping up with the latest Marvel movies and reading comics or fiction books.