Higher temperatures and erratic rainfall have fueled California’s recent wildfires, which have become the most damaging in the state’s history.

The Challenge

Wildfires present dangers to our physical environment, climate future, and even public health. In 2020 alone, 4.5 million Californians were exposed to toxic emissions from wildfire smoke. In addition, wildfire-related displacement is a significant issue in California as wildfires continue to become more destructive year after year, exacerbated by decades of insufficient investment in forest management 


Climate Resolve is advocating for California to allocate more funding and resources to combat wildfires, as well as exercise better fuel treatment practices based on regional needs. We are also encouraging developers to implement fire-wise community planning.



Workers Confront Extreme Heat and Wildfire Smoke in California

Climate Resolve is pleased to publish Exhausted! Workers Confront Extreme Heat and Wildfire Smoke in California, an in-depth report on how climate change is impacting workers in the Golden State.


Lessons from the Woolsey Fire Report

With support from Resilient Cities Catalyst and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Climate Resolve investigated how Californians responded to the Woolsey Fire.


Centennial at Tejon Ranch

In a major new agreement, the community of Centennial will now achieve a net zero carbon project status that exceeds California’s climate goals; and include new wildfire resilience measures to significantly enhance safety both in and outside the community.