Winning Climate Legislation

Climate Resolve works to help improve the climate resilience of Los Angeles with easy, common-sense policies to better our city.

Our Advocacy

Drawing attention to the silent killer known as extreme heat is no easy task. Traditionally, it has not received the same media attention as other climate hazards, such as hurricanes or wildfires. Public perception has often been that more heat meant more fun under the sun.

Extreme heat may be touching every corner of California, but not all communities are being affected the same. Historically, the State has severely undercounted heat-illness and death leading to little attention from lawmakers. But the science is clear —extreme heat is here way ahead of schedule, and it is severely impacting our historically marginalized communities the most. These communities are already hot and getting hotter because they have little to no shade and are overly exposed to heat. Years of disinvestment in these communities has put a strain on peoples’ health and are susceptible to having their pre-existing medical sensitivities triggered by heat. Making matters worse, they are least able to afford to bounce back when confronted with this climate shock.

Climate Resolve’s impact extends beyond local actions. In 2021, Climate Resolve led a large coalition that won a major new policy and funding to combat extreme heat. Through our advocacy, communities ravaged by the public health effects of extreme heat will stand a fighting chance against this deadliest of climate change impacts. California has set aside $800 million to address extreme heat by means of expanding tree canopies, building cool streets and roofs, and creating resilience hubs throughout the state.