Climate Science

The Challenge

For too long, climate change has been represented by melting ice caps and polar bears. Many do not understand the impacts and how acting on climate can positively affect our lives. We need to help Angelenos understand the climate science locally so we can collaborate on creating a better city and improving lives.


Contextualizing climate change so that we can all work together on local solutions. By explaining the science of climate change in relatable language, we can all better understand its effects on our region and support local climate action. By summarizing climate studies and news and putting them into a local context, we can help Angelenos understand the challenge and embrace the solutions.



Reflecting Sunlight: Albedo as a Means to Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

To raise greater awareness of the radiative forcing benefits of cool surfaces, and the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) quantification thereof, Climate Resolve hosted a virtual panel discussion with renowned experts.


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California Community Economic Development Association

Climate Resolve, in partnership with the California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA), has developed fact sheets summarizing relevant climate impacts and adaptation strategies for each of California’s nine regions.


2019 Climate Change Research Symposium

A symposium that highlighted engagement in research, showcased best practices and presented paths forward to advance actionable science through meaningful engagement of stakeholders and communities in the research process.


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Climate Change LA: Climate Studies on KCETLink

Even in global climate models with the highest resolution, the Los Angeles region is represented by just about one pixel, meaning the global climate model treats...